Amana Refrigerator Water Filter Guide,WF401T,4396508,wf401s,4396841t

Amana refrigerator water filter guide shows how to buy, fit, flush and reset Amana fridge filters. Everything you need to know about buying and installing replacement water filter cartridges for Amana fridges.

Amana Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge Replacement 4396508, Base Grille Access

Buying and fitting Amana fridge filters,4396508

This fridge filter is for use with side by side refrigerators and access is in the base grill. Replacement fitting is the 1/4 turn method as described further down this page. It is NSF certified to remove Class 2 particulates, lead, mercury, chlorine taste and odour. This model number is suitable for replacing the following fridge filter serial numbers, 4396547, 4396163, 4392857, 4396919, 4396509, 2186444, 22200203, 2203220, 2255518, 2255519, & NL300.

Amana Fridge Filters,CLEAN 'N CLEAR® WF401T(3 PACK)

aman fridge filter wf401t 3 pack

These replacement fridge filters are for use with Amana fridges that have filter access inside the refrigerator. Twist the filter to remove and replace. Retains fluoride, this NSF® Certified Refrigerator Water Filter reduces cysts,taste and odor of chlorine, particulates, lead, mercury.


amana fridge filter replacement 4396841t

This PuR® Fast-Fill Refrigerator Water Filter is used in Fast-Fill side-by-side refrigerators with filter access in the base grille. Simply press the release button to remove and replace the filter. This NSF® Certified filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, particulates (class I), lead, and mercury. This fridge filter replaces filters with the serial numbers 4396842 & 8212650.

These fridge filters are also suitable for Whirlpool®, Kitchenaid fridge filters,, Maytag®, and JennAir fridge filters

Amana Refrigerator water Filter, WF401S, CLEAN 'N CLEAR

aman fridge filter cartridge replacement wf401s

This replacement water filter cartridge is NSF certified to reduce cysts, chlorine taste and odor, particulates (class I), and lead. This model replaces filters with the following serial numbers, 12527304, 12388401, 12388402, 12527305, 12527307, 12527309, 67003634, 67003633, 67003632, WF401

When To Change An Amana Refrigerator Water Filter

Your fridge water filter is due for replacement when the filter status light/indicator alerts you that it is time for a replacement. This staus light will be located located on the temperature control panel, or on the dispenser control panel. Check with your user guide if you are not sure of its location.

There are two styles of indicator lights. Type 1 indicator is a single light or series of lights, the color of the lights will change from green to yellow when it is almost time to replace your water filter. It is definitely time to replace the filter when the light changes to red.

Type 2 indicator resembles a stack of bars, the bar height will decrease and the status display will change from "Good" to "Order." At this stage it is a good idea to order your replacement water filter cartridge. The next notice you will receive is "REPLACE".

No matter what type of refrigerator you have or whether status lights or indicators are present it is always recommended to change your water filter every six months.

They should also be replaced if the water flow to the dispenser or ice maker has decreased over the lifetime of the cartridge. Decreased water flow is most often a sign the the water filter is clogged. Another factor that can impact on the lifespan of your filter is the frequency of use and the quality of the water itself.

How To Flush An Amana Fridge Filter

If you are just after connecting the refrigerator to a water source or replacing the fridge water filter, the system needs to be flushed out. You need to flush out approximately 3 gallons or 12 litres of water. Using a suitably strong container you need to press down on and hold the water dispenser lever for 5 seconds, after 5 seconds you need to release it for 5 seconds. Repeat this process until water begins to flow.

Once you have flow of water you should still keep depressing and releasing the dispenser lever (5 seconds on, 5 seconds off) until you reach a total of about total of 3 gallons/12 litres of water having been flushed through the water filtration system.

This flushing process ensures that air has been removed from the filter and water dispensing system, and prepare the water filter for use. Water spurting is usual if there is a lot of air in the system and some systems may need further flushing until all the air is removed.

How To Reset Your Refrigerator Water Filter Status Light/Indicator

After you have inserted your replacement water filter cartridge you can reset the filter status light by pressing the Filter Indicator Reset button or by pressing and holding the Filter button for 3 seconds.The indicator status light will will now change from red to green or the status display will change from "Replace" to "Good" when the system is reset.

If your refrigerator has a water filter indicator, but no reset button you can reset by pressing the light switch in the refrigerator compartment 5 times within 10 seconds to reset the system. The system is reset when the light changes from red to green.

Replacing an French Door Amana Refrigerator water filter/bottom freezer

  • 1.You will find the water filter in the top right corner of your fresh food compartment.
  • 2. There are actually 2 types of covers for these fridge filters a. push and b. pull. If your fridge filter cover does not actually say PUSH on the cover it is then a PULL.
  • 3. To open your PULL cover you just need to gently pull it straight out, to open a a PUSH cover you will just need to push the tab inwards and downwards.
  • 4. Now turn the Amana refrigerator water filter in an anti-clockwise direction (counter clockwise) until the filter is released.
  • 5. Dispose of your old filter.
  • 6. Remove the packaging as well as the sealing label from the new refrigerator filter.
  • 7. Gently and firmly insert your new fridge filter by turning the filter in a clockwise direction until it turns no more. Now firmly snap the door closed.
  • 8. Now flush the new water filtering system until it dispenses a total of 3 gallons/12 litres.
  • Replacing a push button Amana refrigerator water filter

  • 1. Don't twist the cap just firmly press the eject button and pill the water filter cap.
  • 2. Now remove the fridge filter cap by turning it counter/anti-clockwise. Get rid of your old filter.
    • 3. Remove your new fridge filter from its packaging and remove the O-Rings from their covers. Check that the O-Rings are still in place.

  • 4. Line-up the arrows on the cap with the arrows on your new filter. Snap them into place by turning clockwise.Turn clockwise to snap in place.
  • 5. Firmly but gently push the new fridge filter into the base grill until the eject button pops. Make sure the cap is firmly secured by checking with a firm tug of the cap.
  • 6. Now flush the new water filtering system until it dispenses a total of 3 gallons/12 litres.
  • Replacing a Quarter Turn Amana Refrigerator water filter

  • 1. Turn the cap to a vertical position by turning it in an anti-clockwise/counterclockwise direction. Once the cap is turned to the vertical give it a good firm pull.
  • 2. Now remove the fridge water filter cap by sliding it right or left.dispose of your old filter.
  • 3.Remove the new water filter the packaging along with the O-ring covers. Simply slide the filter cap back onto the end. Line up the ridge on the water filter with the ridge on the cap to ensure it is centered.
  • 4.Hold the assembled cap and water filter unit with the handle in the vertical position and push the new filter cartridge into the opening of the base grille until it stops. Now turn the cartridge cap clockwise to a horizontal position.
  • 5. Now begin the flushing process as outlined above.
  • Replacing a side by side Amana refrigerator water filter

  • 1. Place a small towel or absorbent material underneath the fridge filter door. Open the filter cover door by pulling upwards. As the door opens the filter is released and will be ejected when the door is fully opened.
  • 2.Now pull the Amana filter straight out. Some spillage may occur hence the need for the absorbent material.
  • 3. Remove your new fridge filter from its packaging and remove the O-Rings from their covers. Ensure that the O-Rings are still in place.
  • 4. Line up the new fridge filter with the filter housing by having the arrow pointing up, once it is aligned just slide it into place. As you slide it into place the cover door will automatically start to close. Take the new filter out of its packaging and remove the covers from the O-rings. Be sure the O-rings are still in place after the covers are removed.
  • 5. The filter needs to be snapped into place. To do this you just need to press firmly on the cover door.
  • 6. The water filtration system now needs to be flushed, approximately 3 gallons or 12 litres of water needs to be dispensed so that everything is working optimally.