Best Water Filters For Home Use

The best water filters for home use are reviewed and compared here. Use our reviews and comparisons to make an informed choice on the best filter for your needs.

How do you go about finding the water filter that best fits your needs?

The long route will lead you to other topics on this site first. Topics such as the different types of water filtration systems and the technology used by each e.g.Reverse Osmosis Filters or Carbon Water Filters

You might wish to read about the different locations for water filtration systems such as Under Counter Filter, Faucet Water Filters, or Whole House Filters

You may want to understand better the process of choosing Water Filters For Home and what you need to keep in mind as you decide on a filter. Then when you know your specific requirements you come back to this page and look at the best options.

The short route is to look through this page and at best of the water filters and decide directly which is best suited for your needs. You can also check out this brand comparison chart

Begin your search for a water filter with a clear idea in mind of what you need.

1. Are you looking for a filter that makes your water safer with less risk of short term or long term bad effects on your health?

2. Do you feel your water is already safe and you want a filter to improve the flavor?

3. Is there a particular type of filter that you are drawn to? Carbon Filters?

4. Are you looking for a combination of several types of water filtration systems? Do you need a drinking water filter only? or for drinking and cooking, or something for the whole house to reduce the sediment coming through in your water?

5. What are your budget restrictions?

Other considerations when choosing a water filter for home use. Some filtration systems are designed for one or two people and others designed for whole families.

Some are costly for the initial purchase but very reasonable long term, others are inexpensive up front, but cost more per gallon because of maintenance costs.

Some are built to last for years and others will wear out quite quickly.

The Best Simple and Inexpensive Filters By 'inexpensive' I mean the initial cost of the filter. Be sure to check out the cost per gallon to see what the ongoing cost is.

Sometimes, you can purchase a higher quality filter for much more, but pay less in the long run because of the cost per gallon.

Best drinking water filter pitcher,If you are looking for a simple and quick solution to your drinking water needs for just yourself or just you and one or two other people, you should check out the Best Water Filter Pitcher.

Faucet water filters for the best drinking water. If you need something that is simple and quick that provides an abundant supply of filtered water fast and you need lots of drinking water or even cooking water for a whole family or extended family. If this is your situation, check out the Best Faucet Water Filter.

Best Whole House Water Filter, You may have a problem with dirt, rust, sediment or scale in your water that is ruining your appliances. You're not so concerned about contaminants because your water is basically good. You just want to get it cleaner.

It may even improve the taste, but it will certainly remove all sediment larger than .10 or .15 microns. You should check out the best whole house water filter system or check out this one we we recommend for more details.

The Best Water Filtration Systems For Specific Contaminants

You may find that your local water contains certain contaminants that other filters don't remove. Contaminants like arsenic or nitrates.Below are some options to consider.

Reverse osmosis filters The reverse osmosis filter removes certain contaminants that no others remove.However, there is some debate over these as the actual process de-mineralizes the water. Many claim that this results in us losing a lot of the health benefits of water. If this is your need, you will want to check out the Best Reverse Osmosis Filter.

Carbon block water filters, A high quality carbon block filter will remove a broad range of contaminants. The one we recommend removes contaminants down to 0.2 microns which is better than 0.5 microns which is usually considered excellent quality.

Furthermore these two models also use ultraviolet to destroy 99.99% of potential disease causing microorganisms in you tap water.

This filtration system has the benefit of being able to filter quickly, almost one gallon per minute. If this interests you, check out the Best Carbon Block Countertop Purifier or the Best Carbon Block Under Counter Purifier.

Water filters using distillation, Another type of filter known as distillation units, also remove a wide range of contaminants. Distillation boils your water, vaporizes it, leaving behind most contaminants, and then cools it down to water again. It is a slow process, but very effective.

If this interests you, check out the Best Portable Countertop Distiller which distills a gallon of water at a time or the Best Automatic Under Counter Distiller with a 3 gallon, 8 gallon, or 12 gallon tank.