Countertop Water Filters, Pros And Cons Of Counter Top Filters

Countertop water filters offer many advantages and some disadvantages read our guide to buying the best counter top filters for your water filtration needs.

Advantages of counter top filters

counter top water filters, the advantages and disadvantages explaine

1. Countertop filters are good at reducing chlorine, other organic chemicals, bacteria, particulates, rust, lead, mercury, sediment, copper, benezen, cadmium and cysts.

2. A countertop water filter is easy to install. It comes with a filter, and a diverter valve. You place it near the sink on your countertop. You remove the aerator of your faucet, put in the diverter valve and connect it to your faucet.

3. These filters attache to the majority of faucets in under a minute.

4. Everything you require is provided this includes attachment hose and the diverter valve/aerator

5. Once they are attached you don't need to attach and reattach the hose to your faucet unless you are removing the counter top water filter.

6. Using these filters couldn't be easier, just pull the 2-way valve to get your filtered water

7. If you are moving home, you just detach the filter and take it with you to your new home.

8. They are generally more effective than faucet mount water filters as they have a larger filtration area.

9. Are available in both male and female thread connections

10. Where limited space is an issue, these are a great and healthier alternative to buying and storing bottled water.

11. The diverter valve gives you the option of using non-filtered water for purposes other than drinking.

12. Counter top filters are better than water filter pitchers and water faucet filters because they will not clog as quickly or as much, due to larger filtration surface.

13. You do not need to mess with your plumbing like in faucet filters and their filter cartridges can last for a longer period of time ranging from 6 months to about a year.

Disadvantages of countertop water filters

1. You might prefer not to have another item on top of your counter, but they are very tidy so not a major issue.

2. Unlike water filter pitchers you won't have the option of chilling your water before you use it.

3. Unlike water filter pitchers there is some level of installation required, although it is minimal.

4. They are also pricier than Faucet Mounted Water Filters or Water Filter Pitchers.

Buying counter top water filters

Buying the kind of filter depends on your needs. After going through the advantages and disadvantages, you can then look into the brands that are available in the market.

One of the brands available on the market is called Omnifilter OCT2. This is effective against reducing the odor and taste of chlorine in your tap water. This will also remove sediment, rust and depending on what type of cartridge it has, it can also get rid of giardia and cryptosporidium cysts.

There are compatible replacement filter cartridges available for this model. This filter cartridge needs replacement every 6 months to about a year.

The top of the line countertop filter system is by Doulton and is called HCPS-UC. It has an UltraCarb Ceramic Filter Candle and will reduce lead, chlorine, Class I particulates giardia cysts and cryptosporidium. This filter cartridge needs replacement almost every 6 months.

Options for countertop filters not attached to faucet, these are water filter pitchers

Another brand on the market is the Cuisinart Clean Water WCH-1000. The filtration system it uses is called gravity replacement. This reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, removes mercury, lead, benzene, copper, dirt, cadmium, sediment, rust and much more.

This countertop filter is not attached to your faucet, but is portable and can be filled up with water. It has an easy lid and can dispense both cold and water at room temperature.

There is a blue LED light indicates once that the water is at 44 degrees Fahrenheit. The filter cartridge reminder will let you know when it is time to change it.

The last of the filters is the Filtrete Water Station which has 4 bottles and allows you to carry filtered water with you. It is portable too and does not need attachment to your sink. The bottles of this filter are dishwasher safe.