Faucet Water Filters, Benefits Of A Faucet Mount Water Filter

Faucet water filters are efficient and economical. Read how a kitchen faucet with water filter protects the health of your family, saves money and space and still protects the environment.

Why you should use a faucet mount water filter

faucet water filters give you the option of choosing when to use or not use filtered water

Water is a precious commodity. It is a crucial and vital part of our well-being, but do we know what is in our water? Tap water can contain many contaminants in it such as chlorine, bacteria, toxic metals, nitrates, etc. These contaminants are dangerous and hazardous to your health. So how do you protect yourself against such contaminants?

Bottled water vs tap water

You can always go for bottled mineral water, but the cost to your wallet will be significant, not to mention the carbon foot print your use of plastic bottles would leave on the earth. The other cheaper, more effective and less environmentally dangerous alternative is the use of water filters.

What are your options with tap water filters

The market has many different types of filters available to suit your needs. You can either install an under counter water filter, purchase a ceramic filter, install a faucet mount water filter and buy a water filter pitcher or counter-top filter. The type that you should go with depends on your needs.

Get your water tested first!

Your water filtration needs can be determined on the basis of the contaminants present in your water supply. How does one check for the contaminants?

There are municipal reports available in your community reporting the general water supply in your area. This is a good guide to determine the levels of contaminants in your water and to choose a filter to trap those contaminants.

The only way to get an accurate and precise reading of what is coming out of your particular tap is to get a test done of the water from your tap.

You can call certified testing labs to test your tap water.

After determining what contaminants your water has, you can then start the search for the type of filter you should install. One of the easiest and cheapest alternatives is a kitchen faucet with water filter.

Simple and efficient water filters!

These filters fit right onto your tap. You remove the aerator and put the filter onto the tap. The tap water filter then removes the impurities from the water and dispenses clean water for you to drink.

With water filter faucets water, you are able to switch between filtered and unfiltered water. So if you need water to cook or drink you can turn on the filter and if you are washing dishes, you leave it off.

This type of water filtration is effective,efficient, decently priced and very easy to install.

Disadvantages of faucet water filters

On the downside water filter faucets do tend to slow down your water flow. Like all water filtration systems, these do require replacement and some of the latest models come with digital indicators that tell you when it is time to replace a filter.

From large capacity filtration to small

One of the leading vendors in the market offers many choices of faucet water filters. These range in sizes in filtering 100 gallon to 400 gallons of water through them. Their filters remove 99.99% cysts, microbial, giardia, and cryptosporidium and in turn improve the taste and quality of the water you drink.

Smaller versions will filter less gallons of water instead of the higher 400 gallons and comes with 60 days to 4 years warranty on them. The best water filter for you depends on your needs.