Refrigerator Water Filters, Reviews Of Water Filters For Refrigerators

Refrigerator water filters are the ideal alternative to expensive bottled water. Read reviews of the best water filters for refrigerators so you can get safer and cheaper water than bottled.

You can find more detailed information on filters suitable for specific brands by clicking on the brand logos beneath. This will take you to a specific page dedicated to fridge filters for whichever brand you need.

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Refrigerator water filter cartridges

Safer, cheaper and more convenient than bottled water, water filters for refrigerators are an excellent idea for households with large drinking water needs.

These filters remove impurities from fridge water dispensers and ice but they also remove the problem of storage space that is associated with water pitchers. They also have another advantage of water filter pitchers in that their filters last longer.

What types of refridgerator water filters are available?

1.Inline refrigerator water filter

in-line refrigerator water filters are efficient and reasonably priced. A small price to pay for clean, safer water from your refrigerator

These are attached to the water line. The water enters the filtration system from one side, gets filtered and moves through the other side of the unit into the fridge. These are excellent for the older type refridgerators that do not have the built in filter and are very straightforward to fit.

Push and twist fridge filters

simple push and twist refrigerator water filters for safer water

These couldn't get any simpler and are contained in a compartment on the inside of the majority of newer refridgerators. It's a simple process of just removing the compartment lid, push in the filter, give it a twist, replace the compartment lid and you're done.

What contaminants are removed by water filters for refrigerators?

The majority of water filters for refrigerators use a filter medium known as activated carbon water filters. Carbon has long been used for filtration purposes as it has an amazing ability to absorb whatever it comes in contact with.

Activated carbon filters use carbon that has been given a small positive electrical charge to even further strengthen it ability to attract impurities. there are advantages and disadvantages to this type of water filtration system and you can read more about it on our page activated carbon water filter.

These filters remove the smell and bad taste associated with the use of Chlorine in water treatment by municipal water treatments.

If you want to take your water filtration to the next level you would have to look at the more expensive advanced water filters for refrigerators. The more technically advanced filters will provide you with an even greater degree of protection.

On average your refrigerator water filter cartridge will work well for approximately six months, but that will vary according to useage.

Regardless of useage frequency it is always a good idea to change the filter regularly.

If any any stage, no matter what the manufacturers statement on cartridge longevity, your water starts to smell or taste poorly, it is time for a refrigerator water filter replacement.

Refrigerator Water Filter Comparisons

Below are some links to specific refrigerator brands and the water filters that are specific to the brand are examined in more detail.

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