Best Shower Water Filters, Guide To Compare Shower Head Filters

Shower water filters are essential. Our water has more chlorine than many swimming pools. The best protection from this is to use shower head water filters that remove chlorine and other health threats in our water.

What are the threats posed by shower water?

Most of our water supply gets chlorine treated to kill bacteria. Our water supply contains as much if not more chlorine than is recommended for swimming pools. This has adverse effects on our health.

There is a heightened presence of chloroform in an average household's environment because of chlorine shower water. This chlorine gets absorbed by our bodies causing dry skin, and brittle hair.

Breathing in the chloroform can lead to all sorts of respiratory problems such as asthma. Chlorine is also known to increase risks of breast and bladder cancer. The chlorine can cause skin irritation and rashes.

Chlorine is also a leading cause of fatigue, which many people suffer from nowadays because of exposure to their shower water.

How can a shower water filter help?

The best way protection for you against such exposure is through installing shower filters. This will reduce the concentration of chloroform in your household.

It will also reduce the exposure of your skin and hair to chlorine, therefore leaving your skin and hair softer.

Shower filters are mainly installed to remove chlorine; however with the use of different filter media they are also known to remove other impurities. These include sediment, chloramines, scale, rust, hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds, and iron oxide.

The best shower water filters can use the following filter media such as carbon water filters, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF), Chlorgon, and Crystalline Quartz.

Each filter removes a different kind of impurity. Carbon filters will remove chlorine, VCOs, chloramines, and some more synthetic chemicals by the procedure of carbon adsorption. These filters will generally be larger than most other filters. Carbon filters are good for use in cold water and are not as efficient in hot water, so obviously not as effective when used as a shower filter.

KDF filters

KDF is made from zinc and copper. It is oxidation-reduction filter. KDF shower convert chlorine into its soluble form of calcium chloride (a harmless form). But the KDF filter will not remove VOCs or chlorine and must be used in conjunction with a Chlorgon filter.

Chlorgon filters

Chlorgon is a patented technology of Sprite Industries and can only be found in their products. This technology works well with hot temperatures, so it is a perfect as shower water filters.

Crystalline Quartz Filters

Crystalline Quartz is a compound added in certain shower water filters and helps for lathering to create energy infused feel to them.

There are multiple brands of shower filters in the market. Below is just a quick peek at some of the most popular shower filters available.


Sprite is one leading brand when it comes to shower filters industry. They have multiple products that include: 1) Cascade Filtered Shower heads, 2) Slim Lin 2 3) Baby Shower, 4) High Output, 5) Royale Filtered Shower Handle, 6) Shower Falls Multi-Position, and 7) Bath Ball Faucet Filters.


AquaPure is another brand of filters and carries the following types: 1) Low Profile Shower, 2) High Output 3) Handheld Shower 4) Handheld Shower and 5) 5-way shower head.


Rainshow'r (yes, that's the way they spell it) is another brand that carries 1) New Century Shower Filter, 2) Chlorine Shower Filter 3) DE chlorinating Shower Filters and 4) Crystal Ball Bath DE chlorinator.