Best Under Counter Water Filter System For Home Use

Under counter water filter systems for home use are effective, economical and space saving. Read our guide to under the sink water filters to find the best filter for your needs.

Under the sink water filters are filters that are fitted under the countertop and filter your tap water of any impurities. These are cheap, easy to install and help you save money in the long run. You get the comfort of having clean, pure water at home, without the need for bottled water.

This is not only great for your pocket, but also for saving the environment as it reduces the use of plastic bottles. There are a few top vendors in the market for these types of undercounter water filter systems.

What are your options with under the sink water filters?under counter water filter system, efficient, economical and space saving

Below are some water filter comparisons to give you a better idea of the options available to you.

Option 1 One vendor has a patented technology that uses twin cartridges as a means to filter the water. This system utilizes ion exchange, active carbon, and sub-micro filtration to bring the best quality drinking water directly to your very tap. Cartridge A will filter out sediment, chlorine, reduce microscopic particles, the odour of impure water, and will enhance taste.

The second cartridge further filters mercury, lead, synthetic chemicals, removes cysts, and maintains pH levels. Then it goes through a .5 micron filtration and further enhances the taste of your water. The combined process of the two cartridges offers a surface area totaling to the size of 35 football fields

While removing all the contaminants, it keeps minerals like potassium,magnesium and calcium. These mineral are crucial for development, growth, and overall fitness and well-being. The twin cartridge filter is easy to install.

A mounting bracket, a supply line, T-fitting to connect to your water supply and pressure relief tap with a push button to dispense water.

Option 2 The other major vendor of this type of under sink water filter uses in-line filtration system and is also directly connected to your water supply. The in-line filtration system removes organic chemicals, odors, and other materials that cause water to taste badly.

This filtration system comes with a separate tap that you can attach to your sink. This type of filter is very small and discrete. It is easy to install. The filters trap the impurities and provide you clean, refreshing drinking water.

The filters would require replacement after a few months. The original brand replacements may be pricier, but there are many third party vendors who offer compatible versions of the replacement and can be fitted into the cartridge.

Option 3, Ceramic water filters Another top vendor in the market is a more eco-friendly system as it uses ceramic filters instead of disposable cartridges. This of course reduces plastic wastage that ends up in landfills. This filter is also easy to install, although a tad pricier than its counter-parts.

These filtering systems are great for trapping bacteria and because it is lined with silver, it also ensures that the bacteria are killed as they are trapped. This filter also uses the active carbon technology and removes chlorine and other organic impurities.

Finding the best under counter water filter for your home As you can see, there are many options of under counter water filters to provide your home with clean and safe drinking water for you and your family. They save you money, and are also an environmentally safe alternative to bottled water. Most importantly they can protect your health. However, to get the best protection possible for your situation you need to know exactly what must be removed from your water.

Get a water quality report from your local authorities or have your water tested at a private laboratory. the results will tell you what contaminants are in your water. With this information you then look for an under counter water filter that removes those specific threats to your water quality and your health.

Remember different water filters will remove different types of contamination and they are quality graded as such. Only choose certified water filtration systems and you can read more about your exact requirements regarding quality certification on our page on how to choose water filters for home use