Best Water Filter Pitchers Means No More Bottled Water

Water filter pitchers remove the need for unhealthy and expensive bottled water. Read our guide to how you can get healthy pure water without the expense and doubt associated with bottled water.

Why use pitcher water filters?

1. Water filter pitchers are an effective way of purifying your water of impurities. They are also a healthier and cheaper alternative to buying bottled water.These help remove dirt, chlorine, improve the odor and taste of the water.

High level filter pitchers can also remove other impurities such as pharmaceutical reside and microbial cysts.

2. All you have to do is take the water from the kitchen tap and fill it into the pitcher that comes attached with a filter cartridge. The water gets filtered through the cartridge and into the jug below.

3.Water pitchers with filters come in different sizes. They are small enough to be stored into your fridge and big enough to serve to a number of guests.

4. They are attractive enough to be put on display. They come in different colors and sizes.

5. This type of water filtration system is an easy and cheap alternative to the other options of filtration systems available in the market

6. No plumbing is involved.

Disadvantages of filter water pitchers

1.They are not so great because the cartridges require change so frequently.

2.They may be great at removing certain impurities, but because of their simplistic design may also fail to remove other dangerous contaminants.

3.You will need to continually refill if you have a large family

4.With larger pitchers you might not have room in your refrigerator, they also take away some countertop space.

After weighing the pros and cons of these filters, you can carry on with deciding which brand to choose from. There are many brands available in a wide selection of sizes, styles, colors.

Popular brands of water filter pitchers

Brita water filters The most popular brand is Brita. It is noted that 7 out of 10 water filter pitchers sold in America are Brita. Brita reduces copper, the odor and taste of chlorine, and mercury.

water filter pitchers from Brita offer a wide selection of styles, sizes and colors

Their smallest model is called 'Slim' and the largest 'Ultramax'. Brita comes with an electronic indicator to let you know when to change the filter.

Mavea water filter pitchers Another brand is Mavea which is a branch launched by the Ex-CEO of Brita Markus Hankhammer. Their most popular design is 'Elemaris'. Mavea do not have as many styles or colors as Brita does and is pricier than Brita.

Mavea water filter pitchers are stylish and efficient

They remove all impurities as Brita but also cadmium, dirt, sediment, lime scale and rust. Their micromesh filter avoids carbon fragments from escaping into the water.

Pur filters PUR is another household brand and are certified to reduce 3 times as many impurities as their competitors. They have a two stage filter. They reduce all that the other filters reduce, along with chlorination byproducts, lead, industrial and agricultural pollutants as well as microbiological cysts.

pur water filter pitchers offer led lights as well as flavoring

Three models from Pur are:The Filtered Water Pitcher with LED light and The Filtered Water Pitcher with Flavor. The flavor option lets you to add a taste to your water.

3M filtrate water station The latest edition in the market is the 3M filtrate water station. Unlike conventional filters this filter lets you to fill up four bottles of clean water. This is just as effective as any other brand.